What DaMissus the Clown does

More of Damissus the Clown

For most birthday parties, DaMissus does a sixty minute clown show.

20 minute section with a magic show with Dusty Rose the magic rabbit

20 minute section with Face Painting

20 minutes section with Balloon Twisting

but you could substitute a Games section for the face painting or balloon twisting

If you think you are going to have more than a few guests, we can bring our spin art machines or our sand art bottles to reduce the line for balloons or face painting.

If the birthday child is old enough, we let them wave the wand and make the rabbit and other things appear, during the magic show at their birthday party.

For Festivals and Picnics, DaMissus call do 4 hours of Face Painting or Balloon Twisting or she could alternate doing Face Painting then Balloon Twisting, every hour or two.

And we can bring our Sand Art bottles and Spin Art machines for additional items to do at your festival, picnic or event.

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