Resume of DaMissus the Clown

More of Damissus the Clown

My mother tells me that I have been a clown, all of my life. That’s more than 19 years of laughter. My husband and three children have had the unique opportunity of being my practice audience for more than 20 years. (and Yes, I am still only 19 years old).


My first paid appearance as a clown was at a ‘Grand Opening’ of a Store in Plano Texas, during August of 1982. There have been more than 2200 appearances since then. In the last year, I have appeared at the following events:

  • 74 Birthday Parties
  • 2 “Grand Openings/Celebrations” of stores
  • 11 Company or Church Picnics
  • 3 Festivals and Parades

My first clown class was a 12 week long (just 1 two hour class a week) class, at a nearby magic store, starting in July of 1982. Since then, there have been many more entertainer classes in balloon art, face painting and the art of clowning.


It is my goal, each year to attend at least one clown school and one or two entertainer workshops. This is being done to expose me to new ideas and techniques on a continuous basis.

In the last year, I have attended the following classes:

  • Circus Magic - Four days of clown classes and competitions
  • Face and Body Art International Convention - Five days of face painting classes
  • Kapital Kidvention - Three days of clown and face painting classes

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