Questions to ask your entertainer

How can I Make sure that I am getting the Best Entertainer for my event ?

Well not all entertainers are created equal. They range from the college kid who has read a book about clowns, to the hobbyist, who does it every now and then, to the top of the line, full-time performer.

Here are five questions ( with our answers, and comments to the questions), that you should ask any entertainer, you plan on hiring:

1. Who are you going to send me?

DaMissus the the Clown

Beware the organization that will promise you a clown, and then tell you at the last minute that they can't come up with one.

2. What kind of training do you have?

DaMissus the Clown have received training from many performers. We regularly attend workshops and conventions to upgrade our skills.

Beware of the entertainer, that does on spend time training

3. What kind of experience do you have?

We are full time performers. Our experience comes from many long years of training and hard work. DaMissus has performed in a variety of places, from performing at Weddings, Birthday Parties, and Company Picnics.

Beware of the entertainers that are not full time or just begining

4. What do you offer?

Balloon Art, Face Painting, Magic Shows, Games, and Art, and Spin Art. We have a variety of educational and entertaining shows suitable for ages three and higher.

The better entertainer offers multiple options to please everyone

5. How far in advance do you book?

Sometimes as much as a year or more, for certain corporate events. We recommend that you book us as soon as you know the date, time and location of the event. Weekends book up quickly, but from time to time we do have openings, so call now, before someone else hires us first.

The entertainer that is in demand will book far in advance

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