Why You Should Have a Big Birthday Party

As Mother of a 12-year-old daughter, I can say:

"Spoil them with a Theme Birthday Party, while you can !"

You may think you have all the time in the world, but honestly all I did was sit down one night to read the evening paper and the next thing I knew she was starting her first job, kissing boys, living on the phone, and driving. I know that you newer Moms feel you have your hands full with small children, but I tell you straight from the heart, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Very soon you will be hearing:

"Hey Mom, can I go out for awhile? How late can I stay out? Aw, come on, do I have to be home that early? Why? All my friends get to stay out later than that!"

"Mom, do you need the phone, 'cause I need to call my boyfriend, it's really important."

"You can get me a birthday cake for my party, but you definitely can not sing Happy Birthday !"

Very soon you will be saying:

"Can't you just spend one whole evening with your family?"

"You will live without talking to your boyfriend tonight!"

"What is your work schedule this weekend?"

"You are going where? And with who? Well, just be sure to be home on time tonight!"

"Drive carefully, buckle your seatbelt, don't drive too fast, and NO STRANGERS IN THE CAR!"

Very soon you will be:

Walking into the room where your "baby girl" and this boy are kissing. You will be more embarrassed than they will be.

Not allowed in her room because it is "Keep Out. It's my room" and you know you should respect that because she's almost 16.

Looking for colleges and asking yourself "How will I ever be able to let my baby go?"

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