DaMissus the Clown Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance should I book my birthday party or event?

We would love to make your birthday party or event a memorable one. In order to ensure availability of the date, time, and DaMissus, it is best to book your party as soon as possible. Most of our corporate and repeat families book with us several weeks in advance. We recommend booking your party as soon as you are sure of the date and time of your event.

What areas do you service for your birthday parties or events ?

We service the Washington DC metro area. If the birthday party or event is located some where else, check out our friends at findaclown.com

Are your clowns SCARY?

Our clowns are non-scary looking, they do not wear very much makeup or wigs. Please view our Picture Gallery to get a better feel for how our clowns look.

What is your booking process for a birthday party or event?

To book and secure your desired time and date, we require a 50% deposit. Once the deposit clears, you will receive an e-mail confirmation stating that your event is now booked for that particular date & time. The remainder of the balance is due the day of the party in cash, before the start of the clown entertainment.

Please note, Deposits are transferable but not refundable.

Are your costumes and equipment in Good condition ?

Our costumes and equipment are of the highest quality. Our equipment is kept clean and regularly maintained. We own all of our own clown costumes, so you can be sure that our costumes are very clean and fresh, with no rips or stains.

Are you insured and bonded ?

Yes, we are fully insured and bonded.

How early or how late can my birthday party or event take place ?

Earliest event starting time is at 9 A.M. and latest party starting no later then 9 P.M.

Do I need to provide the clown with anything for our birthday party ?

Yes, we ask the host to please provide a medium sized table with 2 chairs. This will ensure that your event will start right away.

How much space does the DaMissus need for your birthday party ?

We have done events everywhere, from small apartments to huge auditoriums and coliseums. We will do our very best to work with the space we are provided with and make sure that everyone has a great time no matter if the space is small or extremely large.

After I pay my deposit, when is the final balance due ?

All final payments must be paid in full on the date of your event in cash or check only. No credit cards can be accepted as payment

Can DaMissus the Clown do my party in Spanish ?

DaMissus the Clown only speaks English. If you look for a clown that speaks Spanish, contract our friends Sweet Pickle, Pelukyt or Wiggle

DaMissus el payaso sólo habla Inglés. Si usted busca un payaso que habla español, contratar nuestros amigos Sweet Pickle, Pelukyt or Wiggle

How much should I tip the Damissus, after the birthday party?

Gratuities are appreciated and are NOT already included in our birthday party or event package prices. Like most services, an appropriate gratuity can range from 10%-15% of the total birthday party or event package price.

OK, I am convinced. How do I hire DaMissus the Clown ?

Call us thru the Balloon Crew at 703-436-9487

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